Viking Veterinary Clinic is...

  • Passionate about the quality of care we deliver.
  • Sensitive to our clients’ concerns.
  • Committed to our community.
  • Gentle, compassionate care givers.

Dear Friends and Clients:
While we are under new management, you will see the same friendly faces at the clinic. Dr. Pru Maxwell has been at the clinic since 1991, Dr. Lacey Fowler has been at the clinic since January 2013, Sara Ploc has been at the clinic since 1987, and our Animal Health Technicians Erin Geary joined us in 2009 and Jenna McCarroll in 2010. Kristin Senger joined us in 2015, Cassie Lingley in 2016 and receptionist Debbie O'Toole Balaban joined us in 2015. (See staff bios for more info)

We are all excited to be working at the Clinic and serving our clients. Also on staff, Dr. Deb Carroll, specializing in small animals and equine work.

For after hours emergencies, please call the regular clinic number, you will reach a recording. Please listen carefully for instructions. It will connect you directly to the vet on call or have you leave a message. Please keep in mind that your phone number does not show up on the Veterinarians phone, so if they do not answer right away, please leave a message, as they may be on another call or treating an another animal.

Viking Veterinary Clinic supports:

  • Viking Gymkhana Club
  • Sedgewick Rodeo
  • Cloverlodge Rodeo
  • Sedgewick Cutter Rally
  • Viking Minor Hockey
  • Wavy Lake 4-H Club
  • Viking Fire Department
  • Innisfree 4-H Club
  • Bruce Stampede
  • Viking 4-H
  • Beaver District 4-H
  • Viking Skating Club
  • Viking Preschool
  • Viking Families 4 Fun
  • Viking Ag Society Annual Bull Bash
  • Kinsella Bullarama
  • Lakeland Century Team Roping
  • Viking Golf Club
  • Viking Citizens on Patrol
  • Greenshields 4-H Club

Stop and talk to Pru or Lacey about a vaccination program to suit your herd. Don't forget to vaccinate your bulls with footrot vaccine before you turn them out!

For all your bovine/equine/small animal needs
After hours emergency (780) 336-4048